Columbia River Daylily Club


Spring is here...Time to fertilize!

 Its March and the garden is calling. I'll share my fertilizing schedule with you all.

  I've applied slug bait, picked up leaves, sprayed round-up, and cut back most of the dead foliage from the other plants in the yard.  Its looking a little neater, but still lots of clean up to do. I've decided to put some epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) on the plants this year.  I read that it is great for making your foliage greener. I'll see what it does. Next I'll get some millorganite and some alpha pellets and put that  around the daylilies. The daylilies are looking very healthy right now, only a few need to be cut back to get rid of the ugly stuff.

 I do spray with a fungicide and systemic insecticide within a few weeks.   Once the weather gets warmer I'll spry everything with Miracle Grow.  I don't like to compartmentalize different plants.   I spray for daylilies, peonies, lilies, hosta and hellebores at one time and they all receive the same treatment. 

 I'm looking forward have the garden in bloom.  Happy gardening to you too.