Here is a photo of our Display Garden, year one.  We now have over 500 cultivars.

Display Garden Address

16222 NE 192nd Ave

Brush Prairie, WA 98606

The garden is open for visitors, Roy and Vinette ask that you call first before visiting.

Roy is 360 910 3957, Vinette 360 513 7628, MaryAnn 360 695 9126

The garden today has over 500 daylilies 

Columbia River Daylily Club and Display Garden

A year in review 2018

I thought it would be nice to let everyone know what we (CRDC) and the Display Garden have been all about this year. We have been busy with outreach and planning for the Regional. Roy has been busy keeping the garden in order and always adding new plants. The plants that we had donated last year from Bob Harper are still getting started. The plants that have been in the garden for almost 3 years now look great. We are still working on getting names corrected. Roy is getting a little hardened, if it doesn’t do well and the plant has the wrong tag on it, it’s gone. With almost 500 plants, I can’t say I blame him. Sooner rather than later we will have everything sorted out. The garden is a group effort, Roy does the labor, and Delores and I work on making the labels and keeping the spreadsheet accurate.

We’ve had some joint meetings with other gardening clubs. Hardy Plant Society had a meeting at the DG in March. Around 60 folks attended. Unfortunately, it rained very hard the whole time. Roy led some intrepid souls on a tour though. Dave Doolittle from Petal Heads was the speaker. They are a small niche nursery that specialize in new and unusual plants that are proven to do well here. They brought over 100 plants to sell, and of course I had to take home a new variety of hellebore. HPSO-CC also had an Open Garden in June, other garden clubs from the area were invited.

Last year CRDC had a joint meeting with NW Peony Club and we will be repeating it this year in September.

CRDC participated in the Camas Garden Fair on Mother’s Day weekend. Thankfully the weather was perfect (unlike last year). The crowds were in a buying mood. The club earned well over $1000. Kyle and his girlfriend Sydney were selling machines. It was fun to see their technique. Kyle talked Mary into getting a ‘square’ reader for the phone so that certainly increased our sales. I headed down to the WVDC Sale and brought home a few new plants. Pat also sent along some plants for the Display Garden

Two weddings were held in the garden. A friend of Vinette’s and our own vice president, Les and Sue Miller’s daughter. They said the setting was glorious, and I agree after seeing a picture of the bride and groom among the daylilies in full bloom.

The Regional was a big success. All the gardens looked amazing. Roy and Vinette worked themselves to a frazzle getting everything live headed. My garden was first on the tour and the flowers were just opening. Delores and Fred Guinasso’s garden was impeccable. The new flagstone stairway, and the manicured beds were a picture of organization, not to mention the daylilies. The gazebo was a great place to relax and have some cold refreshments. Next onto the display Garden where we had lunch. Tables were set with white linen clothes in the shade. We had plenty of time at this stop, so everyone could to eat and enjoy the garden. Next, we went to Judy and Roger McEhlaney’s place. Previously a five-acre horse pasture and stable that has been transformed into a northwest style garden filled with rare and unusual conifers, dogwoods, ginkgo, and other perennials. The weather was perfect, and all the gardens were beautiful and in top form. Many items were donated for the Chinese Auction. I won the last item, a daylily divider. Boy was I happy. That was the only item I won. I’m sure the designated regional reporters, chosen by Pam will write glowing reports.

Judie Branson, AHS President, attended and it was fun having her. Kyle and I enjoyed seeing and visiting with her again. Our Speaker was Bret Clement who had some interesting (mostly UFs) with entertaining names. He was a good speaker, with a dry sense of humor and stories of how the plant got its name. He provided varieties from 2015 to present, so it was nice to start the bidding lower and everyone could bid and not feel like they had to robbing a bank.

We had our annual picnic the weekend after the regional at Mary Suffia’s. Her garden is small, but she has some beautiful daylilies, fruit trees, a waterfall and yard art. Not to mention her little tree frogs that love to sit in daylily blossoms. Mary cooked burgers and dogs, and potluck dishes were on hand. It was a pleasant bar-b-que with good attendance.

Still yet to come is the joint peony/daylily club meeting, our September meeting with a dahlia expert. as guest speaker, We will round out the year with our annual Christmas potluck and gift exchange.

MaryAnn Borcherding

Last fall

Daylilies in the Display Garden: