One of the best ways to increase you gardening knowledge and have fun is to join a local garden club! You will be visiting your friends gardens, make new friends, and collect lots of new plants  gardeners are always willing to share!

I'd like to let you know of some of the local gardening clubs in the Vancouver/Portland Area.  Small clubs can be quite a lot of fun.  Here are some right in Vancouver. Most town and cities have garden clubs

Minnehaha Garden Gate Club 360 992- 2939

Van Ridge Club 360 574-7965

Vancouveria Garden Club 360 936-6515

Vancouver Chrysanthemum Club  360 696-9617

Camas Garden Club

Sherwood Oregon Garden Club

Madras  Garden Club

Larger clubs/organizations:

Master Gardeners Clark County  offers educational opportunities on tree pruning, starting veggies, community gardens, etc.  MGs also have several plant sales during the year.

Hardy Plant Society of Clark county.  HPSO parent is HPSO Oregon.  HPSO have multiple garden tours in Vancouver and Oregon areas.  HPSO also has a Travel Club and tour garden in different countries. HPSO-CC has an event called Art in the Barn and its a great place to purchase local garden art. Their website is

There is an Gresham, Oregon City, Eastside, Southwest, Two rivers, and several other groups to join.

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